More New Canvases from the Trade Show

More New Canvases from the Trade Show

Here is a variety of fun canvases from several designers that came in last week.  The shop is beginning to fill up with new canvases each day.  Look for more postings next week!

Alice & Blue 1 Alice & Blue 2 Colonial Needle Hello Tess Kate Dickerson 1 Kate Dickerson 2 The Collection 1 The Collection 2 The Collection 3

New Stitch Monday – Creating a Family Heirloom – Week 5

Family Heirloon – 5-31-21

FH Pg 2 5-31-21

New from the Trade Show

 New from the Trade Show

Our UPS & USPS delivery people have been super busy this week with deliveries from last weeks Trade Show.  We just unpacked some great canvases by Danji.  There is something for everyone.

Danji 1 Danji 2 Danji 3 Danji 4 Danji 5 Danji 6 Danji 7 Danji 8 Danji 9 Danji 10 Danji 11 Danji 12 Danji 13 Danji 14 Danji 15 Danji 16 Danji 17 Danji 18 Danji

New from the Trade Show

 New from the Trade Show

We had a lot of fun last weekend at the Virtual Trade Show and new canvases will be arriving.  Here are 2 great canvases from CBK.  There are so many things you can do with the Christmas canvas.  Beading & metallic threads will bring this canvas alive.  The blue floral will make a great pillow or attach it to a tote.

For all you dog lovers here is a great canvas from Blue Ridge Stitchery.  Give us a call if one of these great canvases catches your eye!

CBK Floral CBK X-Mas

Blue Ridge Stitchery

Last Call for the Jean Smith Virtual Trunk Show

 Last Call for the Jean Smith Virtual Trunk Show

It’s been great hosting the Jean Smith Virtual Trunk Show.  If you are on the fence about ordering one of her fabulous canvas this is your last chance to get 20% off of your favorite.  Here is a taste of some of her fruit and vegetable canvases.

To view Jean’s full line please visit her website at

JS1 JS2 JS3 JS4 JS5 JS6 JS7 JS8 JS9 JS10

Finishing Friday

We just love when the finishing arrives!


Stitched by Lonnie


Stitched by Ilana


Stitched by Jackie


Stitched by Heidi


Stitched by Micki


Stitched by Sherry


Stitched by Elaine

Mollie 1 Mollie 2

Stitched by Mollie


Stitched by Betty


Stitched by Susan


Stitched by Zandra

Lonnie 1

Stitched by Lonnie


Stitched by Jane


Stitched by Helaine

Shop News

Shop News – PM Post

Quick Stitch Fix

QSF 5-27-21

Doolittle Stitchery Travel Rounds

 Doolittle Stitchery Travel Rounds

For all you travelers out there here are a few new travel rounds that just arrived at the shop from Doolittle Stitchery.  Give us a call if you have been to one of these great places and want to stitch some memorabilia.

Cape Cod Hilton Head Palm Beach

New Canvases from Kirk & Bradley

New Canvases from Kirk & Bradley

We just got in a variety of great canvases from Kirk & Bradley.

Great time to plan your summer stitching.  Give us a call if something catches your eye.

dog K & B – Nat K & B – xmas tree 1 K & B Nat 1 K & B xmas 2 Topiary