Patriotic Stars and Stripes Club


We invite you to join our new monthly Patriotic Stars & Stripes Club.

The club includes 5 stars designed by Associated Talents. With your first shipment you will receive the introduction guide, all the threads, the first canvas and the stitch guide.

There is no charge for the first canvas (CT1998). In addition, there is no charge for the finishing of this star.

The initial charge for the threads, ribbons and beads that will enable you to complete all 5 stars is $153.

The monthly charge for the next 4 canvases and the stitch guides is $52.50.

There are many ways that you can finish these stars that can be displayed in your home on patriotic holidays or during the Olympics.

How will you finish them?

Pumpkin House Club


Melissa Shirley’s Halloween Pumpkin Houses Club is Coming!

Gretchen has written 4 fabulous stitch guides that will make these Pumpkin Houses come alive.

The staff has been stitching and preparing all of the materials needed for this club.

Don’t miss out on the fun!

More info will follow shortly.

Santa Claus Club

Stitch Guides by Gretchen Viggiano & Vanessa Holloschutz
We invite you to join our new monthly Santa Claus Club.
The club includes a series of 6 Santas, threads, embellishments and detailed stitch guides.
With the first shipment you will receive the introduction guide, the stitch guide for the first Santa and the supplies that will enable you to complete all 6 Santas.
The cost of each canvas is $45.
No charge for the 6th canvas.
You will have the option of how you want your Santas finished.
Option 1:  Finished as an ornament for $$$ each.
(waiting to hear back from the finisher)
Option 2:  Finished as a stand up for $62 each.
No charge for the finishing of the 6th Santa.
Thread costs to be determined.

Hanukkah       Christmas

Raymond Crawford Exclusives

We are very excited to announce that we have 2 exclusively designed canvases by Raymond Crawford.  One for Hanukkah and one Christmas.

The canvases measure 9 ½ by 9 ½ on 18 count canvas.  Lots of finishing potential.  Some of the ideas are to have it finished and placed in a Lucite or Sudberry tray, finish as a pillow, standup or a hanging banner.

Stephanie will be designing the stitch guides.  The cost of the canvas is $120 plus shipping and the price of the thread kit is to be determined once the canvases arrive which will be sometime in March.  There is no charge for the stitch guide if you purchase the canvas and threads.

      We will also be able to offer the canvases in 13 count.  The delivery date for 13 count canvases will be sometime in April.

To reserve your canvas please call the shop at (201) 612-7770 or send an email to [email protected].  Please be sure to indicate which canvas you would like.

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