Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Staff Pick Wednesday

Staff Pick Wednesday

We have this fun canvas by PLD Designs, Inc (trading as Julie Mar & Friends) as today’s Staff Pick.  The name of the canvas is Casbah and it is on 13 mesh canvas.  The canvas is perfect for composite stitches and the colors are so cheerful.  Check out some of the stitches that have been featured in our New Stitch Monday.  We are sure you will find some perfect stitches for the various columns.  The canvas is on sale for $120 originally priced at $160.  Give us a call and you will have a new project to start in 2021!

Pic 1

More New Canvases

 More New Canvases

It is never too soon to start planning your holiday stitching for next year.  We just got in a few ornaments for Christmas and Hanukkah.

We also have several mezuzah canvases that will fit into the Lucite casing.

These would be a great gift for someone who is moving into a new home.

1 2 3

4 5  7

8     6

New Stitch Monday With a Twist – Week 4

New Stitch Monday With a Twist – Week 4

For the letter “D” I chose the Rosemary stitch.  I have to admit that I had a different stitch picked out for this but after I took it out the 4th time I realized if I got frustrated there is a good chance that you would also. For me needlepoint is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable.  While I do like to challenge myself, I don’t want to get stressed out.

Since I already purchased the threads & ribbon, I looked for a stitched that I would be able to use all 3 threads.  I did this stitch in 3 steps.  First, I did all of the Continental stitches using 4 stands of Splendor S997, if your canvas is 13 count use 6 strands (shown dark purple).   For the 2nd step I did all of the cross stitches using Kreinik – K2094HL (shown light blue).  For the 3rd step I did the accent lines using Neon Rays N05 using a Chenille needle.  I did need 2 cards of N05.  I tried doing the accent lines before the cross stitch but I found I kept catching the ribbon causing it to pull.

I hope you can add this to your 21 new stitches in the 2021 Challenge.

Give it a try!

Happy Stitching – Stephanie



New Canvases

 New Canvases

Well, we made it through the beginning of the holiday season and before we turn around it will be 2021.  Get your gift cards ready we have some new canvases in the shop.   There is something for everyone, floral, pets & a great canvas for your sport nut.  Give us a call if something catches your eye!

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10 11

Julie Mar & Friends Virtual Trunk Show – Last Call

Julie Mar & Friends Virtual Trunk Show – Last Call

Last Call for the Julie Mar & Friends – A Division of PLD Designs Virtual Trunk Show.  The designers featured in today’s e-mail are Unique NZ, Vicky Mount, Florence Christmas, Sandi Carpenter, Diana Swartz, Karen Dukes

We are offering a 20% discount on all trunk show orders.  So many canvases to choose from.  To view the full line of their designs please visit http://www.juliemardesigns.com.  Give us a call if something catches your eye!

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Celebrating 12 Days of Needlepoint – Day 12

On the Twelfth Day of Needlepoint we share two stockings for cherished family pets and a cheerful snow globe with lots of great stitches, shared by Adrienne.  Gretchen shared her collection of Santa Stand Ups.  The set of carolers are by Heart Strings a charming little series that comes with stitch guides, although Gretchen changed it up a little bit.
We hope that you have enjoyed the 12 Days of Needlepoint and getting to peak at our wonderful customers’ treasurers.
We wish you all a very Happy Holiday and the safest and healthiest of New Years!

Finishing Friday on Thursday

We thought we would share the last of the 2020 Finishing today.  Can’t wait to see  all of the goodies that will be arriving in 2021!

Wishing all who are celebrating a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Stephanie 1

Stitched by Stephanie


Stitched by Catherine

Susan 1

Stitched by Susan


Stitched by Susan


Stitched by Debbie


Stitched by Lonnie


Stitched by Sandra

Pauline 1 Pauline

Stitched by Pauline


Stitched by Marilyn


Stitched by Bernadette

Susan 2

Stitched by Susan


Stitched by Cheryl


Stitched by Norma


Stitched by Katie


Stitched by Heidi


Stitched by Haley


Stitched by Pat

Joan      Joan 1

Stitched by Joan


Stitched by Mary


Stitched by Maribel


Stitched by Jennifer


Stitched by Annan



Celebrating 12 Days of Needlepoint – Day 11

On the Eleventh Day of Needlepoint we share some wonderful Hanukkah needlepoint to share with you.  Three menorahs each very different but inspirational all!  We do have a stitch guide for the jewel toned Tapestry Fair menorah that is framed.
The Hanukkah round and Hanukkah angel are charming additions to the decorations too!
We also have a stitch guide for the Melissa Shirley angel.
Thank you to Stephanie for sharing these wonderful needlepoint  decorations!
sdm1   sdm2
sdm4 sdm5 sdm6
sdm7  sdm8