New Trade Show Canvases & Halloween Canvas Sale

 New Trade Show Canvases & Halloween Canvas Sale

We had a great time shopping at the Virtual Trade Show last weekend.  The designers outdid themselves in debuting new canvases as well as the canvases they have in stock.  Be on the lookout, in the coming weeks as we will be posting all of the goodies as they arrive at the shop.

To celebrate Halloween, we have several canvases on sale.

First, we have 2 canvases that when finished will be small square Halloween ornaments.  They are on sale for $20 each.

1 2

The pumpkins sitting under the stars is on sale for $35.


We have two Associated Talents canvases.   The pumpkins with the plaid and purple accents is on sale for $40.   The candy corn canvas is on sale for $45.


The Kirk & Bradley witch canvas is on sale for $65.


The Labors of Love 3-piece pumpkin canvas is on sale for $85.



Give us a call if something catches your eye!

Happy Halloween!

Finishing Friday

Great finishing to share with you this week!

Connie 1 Connie 2

Stitched by Connie


Stitched by Manda


Stitched by Joan


Stitched by Loren


Stitched by Susan


Stitched by Lori


Stitched by Jennifer


Stitched by Judi


Stitched by Paula

Halloween Canvas Sale

We have some great Halloween canvases on sale.  First up is this great Sandra Gilmore canvas.  This can be finished as a pillow, wall hanging or a standup.  Using a variety of threads such as Entice, Fuzzy Stuff, Silk Lame Braid, or some glow in the dark threads will really bring this canvas to life.  This can be finished as a pillow, wall hanging or a standup.  Originally priced at $320 now on sale for $224.

More Halloween sale canvases will be posted throughout the weekend.

Sandra Gilmore

Kirk & Bradley Haunted House & Melissa Shirley Pumpkin Houses

 Kirk & Bradley Haunted House & Melissa Shirley Pumpkin Houses

Halloween is just a few days away and we will be having some specials on our in-stock Halloween canvases from now through November 4th.

Kirk & Bradley has designed a truly fun interactive Halloween Haunted House. The windows and the various pieces are finished with magnets so that they can be placed onto the house.    Use some glow in the dark threads for the ghosts, the skeleton & the moon behind the witch to help create a creepy Halloween house.  The house is on 13 mesh canvas and the interactive windows are on 18 count.  The best part of this project is that it can be handed down from generation to generation.   The entire set is on sale for $610.00.   If you would like us to kit it for you, we will give you 10% off of the threads.

Halloween 1 KB 1 KB 2 KB 3


The cute and clever Halloween Pumpkin Houses are designed by Melissa Shirley and a joy to stitch with their lovely autumn colors and fun textures.  We had a grand time stitching these for the store and watching them come to life; plenty of little details like the fences, doorways, crows, and pumpkins to keep your interest.

Purchase just one for your holiday display or all four!   When purchasing one canvas and the thread and bead kit you will receive a complimentary Stitch Guide.

When purchasing all four canvases and the thread and bead kit (many threads can be used on multiple canvases) you’ll receive the four complimentary Stitch Guides, one canvas will be 50 % off and when they are completed, one will be finished for no charge.  For more information regarding the Pumpkin Houses please call or e-mail the shop.

2014 A – Finished 2014 B – Finished 2014 C – Finished 2014 D – Finished

Staff Pick Wednesday – Julie Mar

 Staff Pick Wednesday – Julie Mar

If you are a fan of Paul Gauguin’s paintings during his time in French Polynesia you are going to love this canvas.  The colors are extremely vibrant.  This canvas can be stitched using a variety of stitches and threads or you can create a 3-D canvas by doing various ribbon stitches for the leaves using River Silks 4mm or 7mm.  Use Entice or Neon Rays Plus for the flowers on the red dress.  Use an over-dyed thread for the sky.  Need more help with thread and stitch ideas just let us know.  The canvas is on sale today for $158 and if you ask us to kit it for you, we will give you 10% off of thread.  Give us a call and this beauty can be yours.

Julie Mar

New Heidi Canvases

 New Heidi Canvases

A few Heidi canvases have arrived!  “I Love You to the Moon and Back” is a popular canvas that can be finished as an ornament.  You can add charms or a heart bead where the heart is.  To make it pop stitch the words using Entice, Silk Lame Braid or Kreinik.

Who doesn’t think of Christmas when you see a Grinch canvas?  Use Fuzzy Stuff for the body of the Grinch & Very Velvet for the jacket.  Do Turkey work for the trim on the hat and jacket.  If you hate Turkey work then do French Knots.

Keep the stitching simple for the colorful mitten and you can have that stitched in no time.   For the Joy heart consider stitching the words using Neon Rays or Neon Rays Plus.  Use your favorite metallic thread for the snowflakes.

Give us a call if something catches your eye!

Heidi 1 Heidi 2

Heidi 4

Heidi 3

Moon – Finished

New Stitch Monday – Happy Halloween

 New Stitch Monday – Happy Halloween

With Halloween happening on Saturday here are a few patterns for bats & spiders that you can add to enhance any of your Halloween canvases.  While I don’t really like to dress up for Halloween, I do enjoy stitching Halloween canvases because they are fun and you can add lots of beads& embellishments.  Not to mention you can also use a variety of different threads including Fuzzy Stuff, Kreinik, Entice and Neon Rays.  Below are a few of the various Halloween canvases that I have stitched.

Happy Halloween & Happy Stitching – Stephanie

Bat 1

Bat 2

Bat 3

Spider 1

Spider 2

1 2 3 4 5

Canvases by Melissa Shirley

H 5

Canvas by Kirk & Bradley

H – 7 H – 8

Canvases by Princess & Me

H – 3H- 4

Canvas by Julia Designs

Celebration Continues & New Planet Earth Boxes

We have enjoyed a great month of special sales and we have one more to offer this week.  You can never have to many stitching accessories or project bags so this week we are offering 10% off of all in stock accessories.  Here’s a sample of just a few goodies you will find in the shop.  We have also gotten in more of the self-finishing Planet Earth jewelry boxes and canvases.   So make your appointment and come on over.

1 2 3

Box 1

Box 2

Sew Much Fun Virtual Trunk Show – Last Call

Sew Much Fun Virtual Trunk Show – Last Call

Time is running out!  The Sew Much Fun Virtual Trunk show will be ending at the end of the month.   So, don’t forget to let us know which canvas you would like us to order for you.  So many to choose from.  We are offering 20% off of all trunk show canvases.

Take a peek at their website at  as we are sure you will find something that catches your eye!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

First Ever Virtual Needlepoint Trade Show 2020

First Ever Virtual Needlepoint Trade Show 2020

Approximately 61 designers & collections will be participating in the First Ever Virtual Needlepoint Trade Show 2020 that will be happening from Saturday, 10/24 through Monday, 10/26.   They will be showcasing their new designs.  Since this is the first time this is happening, we will try to share as many posts as possible, without filling up your mailbox or your Facebook feed.   If you see something that you like please send us a picture and we will order it for you.  Right now, we are not sure of the lead time for getting the canvases.

Kelly Clark has some new Nutcrackers & Sweet Treats as well as some really fun mix and match Pumpkins, Gourds & Acorns.  If you love Halloween you are going to love her new collection of Halloween designs.

Remember if you like something let us know!

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