Finishing Friday

Great finishing to share this week.


Stitched by Nancy


Stitched by Stella


Stitched by Susan


Stitched by Helaine


Stitched by Joan

Liz 1   Liz 2

Stitched by Liz

Lisa 1    Lisa 2

Stitched by Lisa


Stitched by Catherine


Stitched by Carol


Stitched by Gail


Stitched by Sally

Stella 1

Stitched by Stella


Stitched by Syndi


Summer Purses

Summer Purses

Are you looking for a new summer purse?  Well look to further.  We have some fabulous Rachel Donley canvases that can be personalized and when finished added to these wonderful QBS Designs purses.  Don’t wait call us today!

Bag 1 Bag 2 Bags

Staff Pick Wednesday

 Staff Pick Wednesday

Is it almost summer?  Not yet but we have this charming canvas that will put you in the mood.  At first glance the canvas gives the appearance of being simple but you can bring it to life!  With ribbon flower stitches, beads and metallic threads you can bring it to life.  Don’t leave the background white add some color to it.  We have the perfect over-dyed blue thread from the Caron Collection that would be wonderful for the background.  The canvas is on sale for $139 originally priced at $185.



Mindy’s Lacquer Dragonfly Boxes & Canvases

 Mindy’s Lacquer Dragonfly Boxes & Canvases

These magnificent Mindy Lacquer Dragonfly boxes with coordinating canvases (priced separately) just arrived at the shop.  Today is a good day to treat yourself to a unique gift that will be a show stopper on your living room table or make it someone special.

Mindy Box 2 Mindy Box1

New Stitch Monday – Creating a Family Heirloom

New Stitch Monday – Creating a Family Heirloom

We are all very excited to begin watching and stitching Gretchen’s “Creating a Family Heirloom” beginning next Monday.  If you are interested in stitching this wonderful canvas, please see the flyer below for more information.  It’s not too late!

For those of you who are ready to begin with Gretchen’s project and would like to use the threads that Gretchen has chosen here is what you will need for Week One:  Impressions (White) 0057.  You will need one if you are planning on finishing your wreath round or two if you are planning on having the wreath finished as a pillow.  You will also need Petite Very Velvet V631.  Check your stash or let us know if you would like us to order the threads for you.

Happy Stitching – Stephanie

Creating a Family Heirloom Promo

Mindy’s Seasonal Hearts

♥  Mindy’s Seasonal Hearts ♥

We love our hearts and these Mindy seasonal hearts are just delightful.  Many of us are looking for seasonal canvases to stitch and these fit the bill.  Here is a finishing thought. Stitch them up and have them finished so that they can go into your new Lucite ort box.  As the seasons change you change the heart.



Heart 2

Heart 1

Last call for the Nenah Stone Virtual Trunk Show

Last call for the Nenah Stone Virtual Trunk Show

Last call for the Nenah Stone Virtual Trunk Show.  If you see something that you would like please let us know by April 30th. Here is a taste of her fun canvases.  We are offering 20% off of all trunk show canvases.  To see her full line please visit her website at

NS 1 NS 2 NS 3 NS 4 NS 6 NS 7 NS 8 NS 9 NS 10 NS 11 NS 12 NS 13 NS 14

Finishing Friday

We love seeing our customers finishing!

Lisa 1 Lisa 2 Lisa 3 Lisa 4

 Stitched by Lisa


 Stitched by Rachel


 Stitched by Jean


 Stitched by Trish

Susan 1 Susan 2

 Stitched by Susan

Catherine 1                Catherine 2

 Stitched by Catherine


 Stitched by Allie


 Stitched by Ann


 Stitched by Holly

Karen 1 Karen 2 Karen

 Stitched by Karen


New Canvases in the Shop

New Canvases in the Shop

Several really adorable canvases have just come in from the Meredith Collection & Pippin.

We are pretty sure one of these is calling your name!  Give us a call.

Meredith 1 Meredith 2 Meredith 3 Meredith 4 pip 1 Pip 2 Pip 3 Pip 4

Staff Pick Wednesday

Staff Pick Wednesday

Kate Dickerson never disappoints.  Today we have one of her fantastic canvases for our Staff Pick.  Use Very Velvet for the elephants.  Metallic threads and beads would be great for the hat and shawl covering.  The canvas is on sale for $150 originally priced at $200.

KD elephants