New Stitch Monday – Staircase

Last week I wrote about the Diagonal Hungarian Ground stitch.  The Staircase stitch is very similar with possibilities for a twist.  Personally, I would have called this stitch Diagonal Hungarian Ground Variation but I guess every stitch needs its own name.   Instead of doing a Mosaic stitch you tent stitch (shown in yellow on diagram) the accent stitches.  Just like the Diagonal Hungarian Ground stitch you can jazz up this stitch by adding metallic threads for the accent stitches or use coordinating colored threads such as Splendor, Vineyard Silk or Planet Earth and then add a matching Neon Rays or Neon Rays Plus.  I also think using an over-dyed thread for the main stitch (shown in pink on diagram) and then add a solid color thread for the accent stitches would give this stitch an interesting look.  Here is another twist, add beads!  Give it a try!

Happy Stitching – Stephanie


Staircase with Beads