September Book Club

The People of the Broken Neck by Silas Dent Zobal

Wednesday, September 27 from 1-3 pm

From the woods where he hides with his nearly grown son Clarke and his young daughter King, ex-Army Ranger Dominick Sawyer watches Agent Charlie Basin’s flashlight beam bounce on the walls inside his cabin. Dom’s wife is missing. His post-trauma hallucinations rip at him explosively and bring him to his knees. And a local deputy sheriff is dead. When the FBI agents recede into the night, the Sawyers begin to run, across the country in stolen trucks, leaving a trail of blood behind them. Together with a young girl they pick up on the road, they hope to run until they find a peaceable place in the American Northwest.

But Agent Basin sees his own troubled family reflected in Dom’s haunted existence, and his pursuit is relentless.

October Book Club

Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue

Wednesday, October 25 from 1-3 pm

The years 2007-9 were bad ones for America. The housing bubble burst, the auto industry was in free fall, unemployment rose as high as 10 percent, and Wall Street was at the edge of an abyss.

It’s just before this tumult that Jende Jonga, an immigrant from Cameroon and one of the central characters in Imbolo Mbue’s debut novel, “Behold the Dreamers,” arrives in New York with a visitor’s visa and the hope that somehow he might transform his temporary status with a green card. Two years later, he sends for his wife, Neni, and their son, Liomi, who join him in Harlem.

A compulsively readable debut novel about marriage, immigration, class, race, and the trapdoors in the American Dream-the unforgettable story of a young Cameroonian couple making a new life in New York just as the Great Recession upends the economy.